Hey, I'm Madison!

I am a mama to two wild girls with another baby on the way. I am married to my best friend, Tony. We reside in Boise, Idaho where you can find us somewhere outdoors caring for our mini farm, tending to our garden, camping on the Snake River, or exploring the mountains!

Aside from being a wife and mother, photography is my life and I love it. I've been a photographer for over 10 years and it's taken me on some of the most wonderful adventures and allowed me a first-row seat to some amazing moments. My inspiration as a photographer is drawn from the wild and intense Idaho landscapes and the beauty of motherhood. These things have taught me about the ever-changing ebbs and flows of life, and the need to capture it, hold onto it, and cherish it all.

My inspiration as a photographer is drawn from my experience of motherhood. Motherhood has taught me about the ever-changing ebbs and flows of life, and the need to capture, hold onto, and cherish every moment of its fleeting beauty. Photography has given me the ability to cling to these moments.



How would you describe your "style?"

I love bright, clean, earthy, warm shots. When composing my images I like to include elements of the landscape, as well as pops of color, and story-telling elements.

What types of sessions do you offer?

I specialize in Families, Maternity, Couples, Engagements, Seniors, Individuals, and Boudoir.

The Experience

So you're probably wondering what having me as your photographer looks like. Here's what to expect:

I am truly a no-pressure type of photographer. While I take what I do seriously, and put tons of planning and heart into every session, I also try to make my clients feel completely at ease and have fun! Before your session, I plan poses and ideas, gather inspiration, and dive into my creative element. I even invite you to join in on the planning process if you would like by sending me all your ideas and shots that you've been dreaming of. During your session, I will direct you through a series of prompts and poses, and aid you in where to look and what to do so you're never put on the spot or left feeling awkward.

I am a photographer that treasures authentic candid shots and elegant, formal posed shots. What's the difference? Candid shots are all the rage, as they should be. They are fun, evoke movement and emotion, and allow you to interact with your environment. Posed shots are also amazing and totally a necessity as it's a great chance to show off your unique style and get flattering, elegant posed images.

After our time together I will take your images home and sort them, selecting the best shots. I will spend a little time editing them to my style and touching them up in any way needed. I will soon deliver them to you for you to cherish and use them however you would like!